New Bahrain International Airport passenger terminal to open on 28 January, 2021

As per sources, the passenger terminal at the New Bahrain International Airport is all set and ready to open on the 28th of January 2021.

The Airport Expansion Project is one of the largest national developments within the air transportation sector in the last 20 years. The project includes a new passenger terminal building and will increase passenger capacity to 14million passengers annually.

The project includes a central utility complex, 5,500 parking spaces, a bigger duty-free shopping area, two reception and hospitality lounges for first class and business class travellers, a private aviation building providing services for private jet owners and passengers, in addition to a central security gate, a private building for rescue and firefighting services, and an aviation fuel field.

The Airport Expansion Project will enhance the Kingdom’s connectivity and further strengthen its position as an increasingly important hub in the region.

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