An efficacious manufacturers Marketing Arm, representing various products and services in increasing their global footprint.

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Facade First aims to partner with leading product manufacturer’s and service providers to target business environments across the MENA & North American regions.

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Who We Are

A premier provider of architectural envelope systems, Facade First delivers durable, high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable exterior & Interior facades that maximize the performance of both materials and systems technology.  For architects, we bring visions to life in virtually any design or material. 

For building owners, contractors and fabricators we will assist to ensure that projects are on time and within budget.  For all, we offer solutions that simplifies and streamlines the design, testing, fabrication and installation process for new construction, retrofit or renovation of commercial and industrial structures.

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Our Solutions

When you work with Facade First, you gain the advantage of full-service project management, and the benefit of professionals who are highly experienced, performance-driven and proud of the work they do.  Our team of Principle Manufacturers and Technology companies, Partners, Affiliates and manages in both the MENA Region and NORTH AMERICA Region will Guide you in every step from design support, to materials allocation, selection, purchasing and fabrication, pre-construction planning, construction management and more. 

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Our Specializations

Supply Of Fabricated Facade Systems

Supply of fabricated facade systems throw our MENA partners network , to meet your cost, time and specifications

Aluminum Minimalist System

Creation, development, production & installation of minimalist aluminum systems .

Motion in Architecture

World leader in design, fabrication and supply of retractable architectural systems ( doors, windows and skylights)

Safety and Security facade systems

Fire Safe doors, windows , partitions and curtain walls, Security doors and windows